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Thank you for your interest in my writing services. I can't wait to help you get started building relationships, bringing in new customers, and growing your business.

$97 New-Client Specials (normally $125 each)

These are a great way for us to get to know each other and for you to check out my work. Choose as many as you like, but I can only offer one of each item at the discounted price per client. This ensures that I can give my full attention to every project.

Not sure which to choose? I'm happy to help. Schedule your free discovery call so we can talk about the best approach for growing your business through content and sales copy.

Website Critique $97

I’ll check your website and create a report that tells you whether your content:

  • Is of interest to readers
  • Is easy to read and understand
  • Fits your brand’s style and tone
  • Serves its intended purpose
  • Is free of off-putting technical errors
  • Uses your key words naturally

I’ll tell you whether your website layout helps your visitors:

  • Quickly and easily find what they’re looking for
  • See you as a professional who can fulfill their needs

As part of this analysis, I’ll recommend at least five changes for improving your image in the eyes of your website visitors. If I can’t, I’ll write your next email or landing page free.

Any Email $97

I’ll write any e-mail you need (normally $125). For example, you can use this for a welcome email, a sales letter, a relationship-building email, or newsletter.

This service will save you time and give you confidence in your communications.

Email Rewrite $97

I’ll do a line edit of one email to improve spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and word choice where needed. I’ll also provide a rewrite to improve on the email’s overall effectiveness. This is a great tool for gauging your own writing or the writing of your team members. It’s also a great way to revamp your sales letter, welcome email, or newsletter.

Writing Analysis $97

I’ll read up to 2000 words of your writing  (or that of your team member) and provide a detailed analysis including:

  • a line edit so you can see where errors occur.
  • a personalized report that addresses specific style, punctuation, grammar, and sentence-structure issues.

You can use this edit and report to improve your writing or assess the quality of your writer’s work.

Blog Topic List $97

I’ll create a list of 20 blog post topics that will speak to your target audience. This list includes attention-grabbing headlines.

Landing Page $97

I’ll create copy for a strong landing page for list building, event registration, freebie giveaways, etc.

Website Copy Creation or Editing $97 per page

I’ll write your website copy to get your readers’ attention, impress them with your expertise and experience, and help them find the information they’re looking for. Copy will be tailored to your brand’s voice and your target audience.

Survey Creation: $97

Surveys can help you improve customer service, make decisions about your offerings, and find out more about your customers. I will build a survey and send it to your contacts. At the conclusion of the survey, I’ll compile the results and deliver a report that summarizes the results and, if applicable, gives actionable recommendations.

After you've had a chance to check out one or more new-client specials, you might decide you want more! I'm pleased to offer monthly packages to keep your business growing.

Monthly Writing Packages

By booking a retainer package, you guarantee my availability for the work included in the package. You also get a discount over my  à la carte prices.

For all content packages, a custom editorial and delivery schedule are created two weeks prior to the start of each billing cycle. Changes to this schedule require 72 hours advance notice. Individual items not included in your package require a 72-hour turnaround time. Add a rush fee of 30% for 24-hour turnaround. Unused items expire at the end of the calendar month and do not roll over.

Don’t see the package you want? Let’s build one together. Please choose the elements from each category that you want to include in your custom package and contact me at for a quote.

Email Planning and Writing Packages

  • Newsletters—sales, announcements, minor changes to policy, calendars
  • Letters to existing customers—major changes to policy, damage control, customer-only specials
  • Sales emails—product/service launch sequences, sales letters
  • Special announcements—welcome sequences, event invitations
  • Daily relationship-building emails—Build relationships, demonstrate authority, keep your name in their minds. These include soft sales copy.

Emails will use the power of story and other best practices in sales copy and relationship building to reach the reader with the right messaging.

  • Up to 20 emails per month: $1500 for copy (Save 40%); add $600 for full-service email creation* and sending.
  • Up to 10 emails per month: $875 for copy (Save 30%); add $350 for full-service email creation* and sending.
  • Up to 5 emails per month: $500 for copy (Save 20%); add $200 for full-service email creation* and sending.

*Full-service email creation and sending includes list maintenance (bi-monthly retargeting and cleaning of nonresponsive contacts). It does not include list building. If your list hasn’t heard from you in a while, I will take special care to re-initiate relationship building where necessary.

Savings based on per-email price of $125.

Monthly Content Planning and Writing Packages (usually 400–800 words per post, depending on the topic)

  • Research-based posts
  • Ideas for parents
  • Your product offerings
  • Inspiration for your readers
  • Interviews with your experts
  • List-building blog posts
  • Guest posts for other sites to create inbound links and traffic

I’ll use my content expertise to create posts that suit your brand’s voice and the audience you want to target. Each post includes researched keywords and a recommended meta description for your SEO plugin. If you have done your own keyword research, I will use the keywords that you specify in natural language that appeals to the reader.

  • Twice-weekly posts (8–9 per month): $960 (Save 40%); website posting: $192 per month plus cost of images.
  • Once-weekly posts (4–5 per month): $560 (Save 30%); website posting :$112 per month plus cost of images.
  • Twice-monthly posts: $320 (Save 20%); website posting: $64 per month plus cost of images.

Savings based on per-post content writing price of $200. One-off content posting fee is $40.

Monthly Social Media Planning and Writing Packages

  • Audience engagement
  • Email list building
  • Promotions
  • Targeted advertising

I’ll help you engage with your audience on social media and advertise to targeted audiences. My copy will be a powerful representative of your brand.

  • Up to 20 social media posts and 2 ads per month: $2000. Includes site-specific optimization and posting to up to two social media sites. Includes audience planning, ad setup, and launch through your business account. Does not include ad fees.
  • Up to 10 social media posts and 1 ad per month: $1200. Includes site-specific optimization and posting to up to two social media sites. Includes audience planning, ad setup, and launch through your business account. Does not include ad fees.

Additional Services


Editing includes corrections for problems in the following areas:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Word choice
  • Clarity
  • Tone
  • Flow
  • Consistency in style and formatting
  • Logical argument and persuasiveness
  • Suitability for your target audience

My years of experience and training as an editor and proofreader are at your disposal; you won’t have to hire someone else. If you prefer to do your own writing, I can polish it to make it fit perfectly within your brand’s messaging and to make sure you stand out as the professional you are.

  • Editing for writing-package clients: Clients who purchase a monthly writing package are eligible for discounted editing services at $3.50 per 100 words, rounded to the nearest 100.
  • Editing services only: Editing for clients not currently on a monthly writing plan is billed at $5 per 100 words, rounded to the nearest 100.

Documents up to 5000 words can be returned in 48 hours. Documents up to 10000 words can be returned in 72 hours. Contact me for turnaround times on documents more than 10000 words. Add a rush fee of 30% for 24-hour turnaround.

Curriculum Writing

Curriculum writing services are for current writing-package clients only. We’ll set up a half-hour call to discuss how I can help you wow your current clients and bring in new ones by creating at-home study guides and curriculum for your education-based business.